The magic is definitely in the details

We capture not only the love on full display at your ceremony, but the intricate details throughout the day: moments of spontaneous joy…the sheer splendour of it all. But it doesn't start there.

We like to work with you well in advance of the 'big day' so that you can get to know us and develop a level of comfort. We offer great Pre-Wedding Photography packages, and helpful advice on how to best use your images in wedding decor and souvenirs. By the time we get to your wedding day, we'll blend seamlessly into your special day like we're part of the family.

Before meeting us, many of our clients sought an intuitive service provider. They wanted a company that would treat their wedding as the unique and meaningful occasion it was — not just another job. We are humbled each time we're chosen to capture a couple's wedding day, because we know the trust and confidence this unique relationship requires.

If this level of commitment and trust is important to you, we can't wait to talk about your wedding day.